Coalition Goals

Each year, more and more proposals are introduced that interfere with the employer-employee relationship and increase the cost of doing business in Virginia. Learn more about what we want for Virginians here.

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RTW statutes guarantee that no person can be compelled to join or not join a labor union as a condition of employment.  Virginia's economic competitiveness rests upon these statutes remaining uninterrupted.

Employment Compensation

Support a federally approved U.S. minimum wage with transparent reporting on the employees earning it and oppose legislation establishing a higher state minimum wage.

Employee Benefits

Oppose any intrusion into the area of employee/employer relationships, including mandated benefits such as paid family and medical leave.

Energy Costs

Oppose efforts to institute a "Green New Deal" in the Commonwealth that would require 100% carbon-free electricity by 2050.

Workforce Development

Support efforts to improve Virginia's workforce development to become demand-driven and outcomes focused. Support aligning workforce development across K-12 education and higher education with relevant state boards and agencies.

Misclassification of Workers

Support reasonable enforcement efforts and penalties for the deliberate misclassification of workers. Oppose efforts to use the misclassification of workers to conflate the definitions of "employee" and "contractor."

Legal Reform

Ensure an effective civil justice system through support of legal reforms improving Virginia's business climate. Oppose efforts that lead to a lawsuit-friendly environment.

Dillon Rule

Oppose any delegation of new environmental, taxation, labor, health, and safety regulation authority to local governments that does not already exist today.